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Eli at the Creek, Oil on Canvas, 15x30
Evening at Lucia Falls, Oil, 24x36
painting of Arch Cape, Oregon coast - by Tom wheeler
Painting of the East Fork, water and rocks by Tom wheeler
Living Water
Studying the Stream
Grandpa Cobabe
East Fork Ripples.
Smugglers Cove
Tom Wheeler
Battle Ground, WA
Art Media: 
Oil Painting, Drawing
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BFA in Illustration from BYU, 1997.
I paint realistic nature scenes, water scenes like rivers and rocky stream beds. I love to study the interplay of water and rocks.. and I am always interested in people. I have ambitions to create LDS gospel scenes but haven't quite got myself to do it yet.  Although I love realism and the classical approach, and love the paintings of artists like Carl Bloch - I'm just starting to get ambitious enough to try to tackle historical or scriptural narratives.  
I'm drawn mostly toward scenes of beauty that are around me.  I enjoy close-up scenes of nature particularly.  I also love to paint honest and straightforward portraits.  There's so much to work out in terms of light, composition, brushwork, color and accurate drawing - that's a lot by itself.  To add in the elements of scripture / history / props / models / costumes.. is all a bit intimidating.  Anyway, that's where I am, at the moment.


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