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Lead Kindly Light Painting by Richard Lance Russell
If I Perish I Perish Painting by Richard Lance Russell
Richard Lance Russell
Four Corners, UT, USA
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Oil Painter
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If oil painter Richard Lance Russell had a motto it would be: "Take every opportunity." That attitude has led him all over the world. Born in Utah in 1973, he has lived from Utah to New York to Germany to Japan and recently spent a month in China seeking out great paintings. Because of his experience in various cities and cultures, he recognizes and appreciates individuality and has a passion for capturing what makes a particular subject unique.
"I describe myself as a realistic painter, though I recognize that all art is filtered through the vision of the artist, making each reality very unique. I believe that paintings are the most personal, direct representation of perception. I use oil paint because I love its versatility: the ability to use it to create textures, its opacity and translucence, and its depth of color.
"My work ranges from landscape to portraiture. It is often narrative. I paint because I love the challenge that each subject represents. I enjoy trying to capture my particular vision. On my canvasses, I try to represent the unique way I see the world, my particular view, by controlling focus, edges, shape, and proportions to guide the viewer to the beauty and mystery that I see in each place and each person."
His brushstrokes do more than simply re-create physical characteristics. They showcase the spirit of the people and places he sees. One collector commented, "When I see one of his paintings, I want to go there and meet those people."
While studying at Brigham Young University, Richard received the Dean's Award and was included in two New York Society of Illustrators shows. His work has since been honored at several Oil Painters of America National Exhibitions. In the last five years, he has won the Zhiwei Tu OPAM President's Award of Excellence, the Southwest Art Award of Excellence, and twice the Director's Award of Excellence.
Last year, his paintings, "If I Perish, I Perish: Esther 4:16" and "Lead Kindly Light," were showcased in the Springville Museum of Art's 27th Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. "Lead Kindly Light" was also featured in the LDS Church History Museum's Ninth International Art Competition.


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