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"Born for Such a Time as This" (Esther)
Children with Christ
"Be it Unto Me" (Mary)
"A Mothers Sacrifice" (Johebed, Miriam, & Moses)
Cliffs Near San Tropez, France
Jerusalem watercolor
Assisi, Italy
Venice Reposo
Megan Rieker
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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Oils, Watercolors
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   For many years I used to be an artist that specialized in portraits with little pause between clientele. I felt then that I didn’t have the talent it took to paint things that ‘moved’ others. Then, in the spring of 2000, after a serious sickness I felt compelled to start using my art to serve my Father in Heaven. After that, I felt that perhaps there was potential in my art but that I needed divine inspiration if I was to be able to accomplish anything.
The only way to learn and grow more skilled – a never ending goal of anyone, artists included – is to continually pray for guidance, learning and inspiration. I’ve found that when I live my life according to the commandments and have integrity with my dealings with others, I will be inspired in my creations but when I stray or am weak or lazy, I find that my hand holding the brush is unguided and the work never as good.
The “women of Inspiration” series started out in part because I need to remember and be uplifted by these wonderful examples of women from the past. When I go through my little life trials, it gives me perspective to look at these paintings, and realize how inconsequential my problems truly are and that the things I should be concerning myself with are my children, my faith, my marriage and my service to God. Because I’ve been inspired to do these paintings, I believe that they are more from my Heavenly Father than from me – I am merely the vessel that he can use to uplift his children in this world. The paintings exist to strengthen faith and inspire all those who choose to look at them with an open heart and open mind. It is my humble prayer that people will be touched and uplifted by the lives and stories of these faithful and inspirational women.




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