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Children Shall be Their Princes - Isaiah 3 39"X48"
Continuum - mixed media 42"x42"
Death and Transfiguraltion - cg Print 19"x27"
End of Time - Acrylic 39"x 48"
Ethereal Stairway - CG Print 32" x 40"
High Storm - Acrylic and ink 32" x 48"
My Thoughts are Greater than Your Thoughts - Isaiah 55 Triptych - Mixed Media 20" x 48" per panel
Off Center - Mixed Media 42" x 42"
Sentience - Acrylic w/ Stainless Steel 32" x 48"
 The Grass Withereth - Isaiah 40A - Mixed media 42"x42'
Lloyd Knowles
United States
Art Media: 
Mixed and CG
Full Artist Statement: 

Majored in architecture and studied art at the Univ. of Utah - 1971. Completed a career in architectural design and started painting in 2008.
Three major projects:

  • The Isaiah Project is expected to take at least 100 major works to complete. Attempting to create visual metaphors to describe/complement the written metaphors of Isaiah.
  • Other current works are a combination of metaphorical, expressionist and graphics. My work is diverse and evolving.
  • Expressionist painting – acrylic and mixed media.
  • Digital works – both photo and digital paint based

I am presently using a combination of mostly painted acrylic on board with computer graphics and other media. I am exhibiting one metaphorical installation piece and planning  work on a major sculpture.
To date all of my exhibition has been in central – northern Utah and I am seeking representation in major art centers.
Member of the Utah County Art Board; Utah County Artist Guild
Exhibited solo at the Utah Artist Alliance (Aug 2011)
Best in Show at the Utah County Photo and CG exhibit 2011, 8 shows to date
Springville Museum of art (one of the largest in Utah): Juried exhibit for Religious Art – 2010, 2011
Springville Museum of art statewide juried exhibit, The Annual Spring Salon – 2010, 2012 and published in the catalog.
Exhibited at the Utah Valley University, 2011, 2012.
Solo exhibit at the Covey Center for the Performing Arts in Provo, UT (Nov-Dec 2011)
Logan Fine Arts Gallery 2011, 2012, 2013.
LDS Triennial Wordwide Exhibit at the Church History Building
Solo at the Provo City Library
Woodbury Museum: Art of Our Century (western U.S.)


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