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Jill Henrichsen
Art Media: 
Pen & Ink and when color added, Watermedia (watercolor paint, crayons and watercolor pencils)
Full Artist Statement: 

I specialize in various themes, but I love adding the Moon, Sun, and Stars in every piece in one way or another. It's ironic that I love drawing the sun, because being an Arizona native and so "over it", I only prefer to see the sun in artwork! (I guess I'm a little like a vampire in that respect). When I often focus on the LDS specific themes, I was determined to present them in my usual "out of the box" thematic styke - away from the usual traditional styles, though I do not discount the traditional depictions and have many favorites. particular theme or landmark. Whether LDS related or not, I also regularly accept commissions of custom work. And when invited to a wedding (LDS or not), I try to make one of my custom pieces for the couple as a gift. Sometimes they may receive it in a belated manner depending on the timing and workload, but it is enjoyable to gift the couple in this manner.

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