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Nordic Waters II, 30"x40", Oil on Panel
Morning Glory, 9"x12" Oil on Panel
The 11 Tweeting the Whereabouts of the 12th, 30"x30", Oil on Panel
Turbid Dawn, 30"x40" Oil on Panel
Untitled, 30"x30" Oil on Panel
Vineyard Gossip 16"x20" oil on Paper
Between Veils 30"x40" Oil on Panel
"Hear!" 8"x8" graphite on paper
Pines Ranch 8"x10" oil on Canvas
Autumn Wheat, Winter Winds, 36"x36" Oil on Panel
Jenna von Benedikt
Utah, USA
Art Media: 
Oil Paintings
Full Artist Statement: 

Nature, the Creation story, and duality are integral influences in my art. Nature—up close—often manifests herself in the form of abstracted landscapes, textures, and patterns, and my work frequently references them. Though I wouldn't categorize my work as 'religious' art, it stems from my faith and spiritual education; many of my personal beliefs have distilled from chance observations and unobstructed ideas. 


Most of my works have a dividing line or lines of some kind, a reminder that we are separated from a place we knew before, that we are only temporarily enjoying this “landscape” and that we will continue on to another. The continuing creation story—man sojourning in a once-perfect natural environment, separated in mind and spirit from a life before—is compelling, and through my faith and life experience I seek to understand it better. Having been born in England & lived on another continent during my childhood and teenage yrs. has contributed greatly to this thought process too. The decision to emigrate was such a pivotal event in my life. Moving from place to place tests character. My faith teaches that we lived a life before this one and that we chose to be here for our experience and learning. The idea that our souls have been around far longer than our time on this earth is so intriguing, and it is up to us what we do with our time and what kind of life we build about us.


Divisions are part and parcel of nature and human life. My life. Chaos and calm. Solitude and intimacy. Trying to be the person I'm both taught and desire to be vs. the actual woman I am. Daily, I'm reminded there will always be opposing forces to contend with—the choices we make literally and figuratively divide and create the ‘landscapes’ we physically and spiritually live in. This mingling of unpredictable human experience and the perfected laws of nature intrigues me.


—Jenna von Benedikt



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