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Farms Across the Valley Floor 11" x 14"
Bryan Mark Taylor
San Francisco, CA
Art Media: 
Oil Painting
Full Artist Statement: 

I spend a significant number of days each year outdoors studying and pondering nature, effects of light, atmosphere, weather conditions, seasons, as well as movement caused by light, clouds or a busy street.  These moments out of doors are for me, an essential muse.
I personally believe in a powerful, wise, and loving Creator who made the earth beautiful for our benefit; therefore, I see the beauty and underlying harmony of the landscape as an expression of love towards us. I find great joy and fulfillment in studying nature directly and seeking out the best elements in order to convey these emotions. For me, a successful painting becomes not just a depiction of the physical, but a medium for connecting with our own spiritual natures.
My work continues to evolve as a combination of traditional techniques and personal innovation. In my paintings, I place particular importance on the light, atmosphere and surface quality of the painting. For me, a brushstroke should convey an emotion as well as an accurate physical depiction of time and place. Through the process of placing each stroke I work to convey my thoughts and feelings of the landscape; endowing the piece with an awareness of place as well as a thoughtful and sincere emotion.


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